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All collectorgrade beer steins, such as the oktoberfest dancing beermaid beer stein and sigfrieds return limitat 2010 beer stein, are made using traditional techniques of sculpting, hand glazing and hand painting. Our beer steins and mugs are selected for their high quality and affordable prices. How do i know if my german beer stein is a real vintage german stein made the old fashion way. One of the main ways preowned collectible german lidded steins are classified and valued is by manufacturer. All items, budweisers steins or budweisers collectibles are in excellent shape and come with their original boxes, unless otherwise noted. Make offer original gerzit gerz beer stein w others. There is also a triangle with something in it and the number 7 below it. Traditional original west german gerz gerzit beer stein tankard. German beer steins for the discerning collector and beer enthusiast. Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and oneofakind products and gifts related to your search. This series of steins honors 19th century american indian tribal leaders. Our catalog is organized by stein type and manufacturer if known. Unfollow gerz beer steins to stop getting updates on your ebay feed.

It measures 7 34 inches tall by 5 12 inches wide including. The most valuable steins are those that were handcrafted in germany before 1900. As fun as it is to throw one back out of your favorite german beer stein, some gentlemen get their kicks by proudly gazing upon their beer steins as they rest on the mantelpiece. The chicago antiques guide blog gerz art nouveau beer stein posted thursday, september 07 by brian. Other brewery steins and collectibles are for sale also. A brief history of beer steins beer stein collectors glossary collecting antique beer steins the lure of the beer stein what does this blasted thing say. Many german beer stein makers continued making faience steins throughout the eighteenth century.

Please practice handwashing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. Gerzit gerz beer stein with lid royal blue grey gambrinus germany. No old german beer steins contain nudity or provocative scenes. Vintage original gerzit gerz west german pictorial beer stein cobalt blue w lid. Nearly every stein seller markets their mugs as vintage or authentic. Most seasoned beer stein collectors look for beer steins from the pre1918 era. Vintage gerz olympia beer stein mug handpainted 10 label on front reads. Many of our collections fit the billand demand proud gazing. Gerz bierseidel german beer stein original gerzit gerz. Join in building the nets largest free beer stein database. Sometime well picture a dollar bill to show scale, it is not included 232000540069. How to tell if a beer stein is valuable securcare self storage. Of these, of which there are many, one of the manufacturers whose steins are among those most commonly sought by collectors is mettlach. Since they are reproductions and not originals, a question may.

In this period, the company developed the essential experience to overcome the future periods marked with crisis and to secure the position of the gerz company. Gerz gmbh faithfully reproduced a new stein, each in editions of 10,000, from a pre1850 westerwald original. Most imitations have made in china or made in taiwan labels on them. Weve do our best to make the photo more close to the real item condition. The largest and most comprehensive compilation of information on antique and contemporary beer steins available from any source. We buy beer steins, mugs, beer glasses or stein collections. The value of the stein varies on the material used, design of the stein, maker and when it was produced. Authentic german beer steins with lids imported pewter. In some cases i have the photo of the corresponding stein, which i can email to anyone who thinks they might know the answer. Gerz has changed their trademark to gerzit, indicating contemporary manufacture. Then just x out the popup window to return to this page. Good condition is essential to high values when it comes to beer steins. These handpainted mugs originated in germany and have since been replicated by manufacturers because of their overall appeal. Beer stein vintage original gerzit mug tankard beer stein collectible water.

Vintage german beer stein is in excellent condition. Adjustments for condition capacity marks by manufacturer. No matter what youre looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. Today, collectors have settled on a definition for a stein that includes a handle and either a hinged or a seton lid. Beer stein catalogs of new and old german beer steins and. The beer stein features floral motifs and cornucopia on a blue background. Olympia brewery beer steins please click on the thumbnail picture for the larger picture.

Unfollow gerzit beer stein to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. Look for pieces with no dents, cracks, chips, or repairs. If the picture contains any nudity or provocative scenes, it is a new stein. The first thing that you have to look for is a made in germany label on the bottom of the stein. Make offer moose gerz lidded beer stein, signed art by james meger, made in germany. Lot of 2 vintage gerz beer steins west western germany brown. Moose gerz lidded beer stein, signed art by james meger, made in germany. Perhaps a stein in your collection has one of these marks. The economic upheaval brought about by world war i and its aftermath caused gerz to cease production for a brief period in 19171918 and again in 1923, but nonetheless the company managed to survive for more than 5 years and, in fact, became the dominant player among. The practical side of stein collecting detecting stein repairs antique beer stein prices. Military beer steins are extremely collectible because of the handpainted decoration and ornate metalwork.

This mark is on the base of a stein depicting a dirndl, the nation and date of manufacture is unknown. Especially valuable are collectible designs with brewery emblems, bavarian motifs of munich and the official souvenir mug of the annual oktoberfest. Vintage west german beer stein gerz beer stein by oldandnew8. Top 15 craft beer breweries in the usa boulevard brewery is kansas city proud. This online catalog has been developed specifically for use in the beer stein library. Illustrated catalog, current prices, collectors information kirsner, gary, gruhl, jim on. Large vintage gerzit beer stein brandenburger this is a great older german figural gerz gerzit beer stein of a lion holding a german shield or crest. Vintage original gerz original gerzit west germany lidded beer stein mug. So how can you tell if your precious pint is worth more than pennies. Free database of 970 antique and collectible beer steins and related items. By world war i, the beer stein industry took a downturn.

This stein was reproduced from a westerwald stein made in about 1730. Adjustments for condition capacity marks by manufacturer westerwald beer stein handle gallery early. You enjoy a good beer, but its lacking something, and an antique stein from germany could be just what you need to enhance your beer drinking experience. Sometimes its turned out to be surprisingly valuable. Identifying marks of old german beer steins our pastimes. After all, germany is known for its beer as well as for its beer steins, and a collectible german beer stein can be just as interesting and complex as the lager that once filled it. Gur other side trinke wenn dirs schmecken thut i sincerely apologize for any misprint as we were stationed in germany many years ago. People who have acquired a stein or two through inheritance or as a gift often assume that it is easy to determine the value and age of a stein by simply inspecting it. Find vintage from a vast selection of breweriana, beer. Features the olympia beer gold horseshoe and waterfall logo on the front. Collectors should look for a number of elements on a beer stein to ensure it is genuine and not a massproduced replica. This is a great stein from the gerz company of germany. Do you have a german beer stein or an entire beer stein collection you would like to sell.

Army, navy, air force, marines or coast guard, or you want to show your love, pride or dedication for the united states, our selection of military and patriotic beer steins offers something for everyone. The original beer steins, which are rare, typically cost a worker a weeks wages. However, rights to use of the company name and trademarks were purchased by domex geschenkmanufactur gmbh, which continues to distribute gerz steins today, albeit produced mainly in the orient. German stein collectable beer steins for sale ebay. In 1781, the original stein was apparently relidded with an attractively embossed pewter lid. Stunning german beer stein features colorful outdoor scene, pewter lid and thumb lift. At the same time, european porcelain had been perfected and the costly german porcelain beer steins were in demand by germanys wealthiest families. What is the typical value of a collectible beer stein. The lid has oak leaves with acorns and inside it has 94% zinn. Illustrated catalog, current prices, collectors information. By adding your own stein collection to our online database you are helping create the nets best free source for identifying collectible and antique beer steins and related items. Copper and brass vintage backpack sprayer ms turbine. Beer stein degastes fun gerz west germany beer stein vintage. The hobby of beer stein collecting a brief history of beer steins beer stein collectors glossary collecting antique beer steins the lure of the beer stein what does this blasted thing say.

It has a mother red fox with her two kits in a forested scene. The term we ameri cans know as stein stems from this definition. Collecting beer steins stein collectors international. The porcelain regimental beer stein was made to commemorate a soldiers service in. German stein collecting books catalog for the german beer stein collector we have a selection of musthave books and reference materials on collecting beer steins and mugs. All bear the same model number and are otherwise identical except for the central images, which are drawn from photographs taken by frank a.

However, the presence of a lithopane doesnt mean it is an old stein. Buy from an experienced seller with over 18,000 ebay ratings. I have 5 german beer steins and want to know what they are worth. Click below to be notified when new items are posted at lower prices. What types of collectible german lidded steins are available on ebay. Curious about what it is, if its of any value and where its from.

Simon peter gerz formed the company that bears his name in 1857, beginning actual production of ceramic wares in 1862. Beer stein catalogs of old steins and mugs, new imported stien and mug catalog, personalized steins, and beer stein collecting reference books. Look for early beer steins dating from the mid1800s to the early 1900s, before 1918, made in germany. The one i know to be a gerzit stein is stamped gerzit. Plontein satisfaction guaranteed or your money back please see my other ebay items because. The progression of the gerz mark can be organized in four periods. Vintage original gerz gerzit handarbeit stein zinn lid hopfen malz gotterhalts. We have a wide selection of beer steins, mugs, and other items. Vintage antique hand painted 1862 gerzit beer stein punch mug west german. Half price shippinghandling on the second or more combined purchases. Authentic german beer steins with lids imported pewter beer. Original gerzit german beer stein tankard vintage hand painted gerz 7. We offer a large selection of german beer steins and mugs.

Traditional original west german gerz gerzit beer stein tankard with. Collectible huge tall vintage gerz german beer stein. I always love having an appraiser look at my stuff. Beer steins made of this material have been referred to as bierkrug or steinkrug beer or stone jug. If a stein is well made and attractive, they figure, it is automatically old and, therefore, valuable. Vintage original gerzit west germany stuttgart lidded beer stein. Identifying old german beer steins requires a keen eye. Also, old german beer steins may have awkward angles on most of the lithopane. Antique beer steins, mugs and tankards are prized for their craftsmanship and colorful ornamentation and.

Some insist that the vessel be intended for drinking. By its very nature, it will continually be a work in process. German beer steins will have a lithophane on the bottom. Browse private stein collections and producers catalogs. Antique german pewter stoneware beer stein mug tankard cup. Get all infromation about bells brewery beer pairing dinner, including venue, dates, agenda, value for attendees. Unfollow gerzit stein to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. Advertisement featured in the ceramical address book of 1883. Cw modern paper label 1949 1990 western germany this mark is on the base of a stein, identical to the one above depicting a dirndl, the nation and date of manufacture is unknown. Questions about age, value, type and maker have puzzled collectors ever. Rinehart 18611928 at the indian congress held in 1898 in conjunction with the transmississippi and international exposition.

Shop for new german steins and gifts or visit our catalog of old and collectible beer steins. Details about collectible huge tall vintage gerz german beer stein drinking mug 5 liter stein. Apr 05, 2012 hello, i have either one or seven gerzit steins. Collectible german beer steins limited edition hand made. It is best to know your product, because the price difference between an authentic vintage german beer stein and one made somewhere else is significant. Contrary to these common assumptions, steins can be real puzzles, and numerous pitfalls await those who take anything for granted in the beer stein hobby.

Beer steins are a favored gift in germany, frequently being inscribed with the owners name and the date of a special occasion on the pewter lid or rim. Vintage gerz german beer stein made in west german excellent condition. Good examples can command several thousands of dollars on the antique market. Stoneware beer stein deep turquoise color with peach lusterware trim. The striking relief band depicts richly ornamented hunting scenes, framed by embellished relief bands. Mettlach steins, thewalt steins, marziremy steins, gerz steins, military steins, saltglaze steins, porcelain steins and pewter steins. Germany, and inside the circle are the words, original and gerz. An authentic german beer stein will always have a made in germany label, so beware of any steins that dont have any mark. Madel 1st mein beim bier plaster west germany 9 34 vintage.

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