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Special agent oso code name the girl with the golden book. Special agent oso the girl with the golden book part 1 green crow duration. This book is read to you aloud so kids can read along with the story. Special agent oso intro all languages at once by cole hayes. You can watch episodes of special agent oso on disney junior. Josie needs to get the mail, but her mailbox is all theway across the street. The same cliche story of a nerd and jock falling in love. Showsmickey mouse clubhousenew gadgetsdisney juniororiginal musicnew friends.

Audrey wants to take a healthy snack to school, so oso helps audrey learn how to make ants on a log by filling celery stalks with peanut butter. Oso, a lovable teddy bear who is, however improbably, a special agent in training, turns to young viewers at home to complete his missions for the united network for investigating quite usual events unique, an international consortium of stuffed animals charged with teaching kids how to complete everyday tasks such as mailing a letter, using a library or just cleaning their room. Disney junior special agent oso storybook red finger. Special agent oso 3 special steps song x 5 by thom goddard. Special agent oso thunderbeam youtube in 2020 with. Disney junior special agent oso red finger by marcy kelman. Feb 3, 2020 i like special agent oso, who else likes special agent oso. Special agent oso a view to a fire drill by disneyjunioruk. Special agent oso view to a book part 1 green crow youtube. Feb 17, 2020 special agent oso thunderbeam youtube. Bubble guppies puppy love youtube nick jr, bubble guppies, puppy love, bubbles.

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